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Established in 1995

Shivam Jewels is known for importing, processing and exporting diamonds to various other companies across the globe. We cater to a number of countries globally with the USA, Hong Kong, China and Israel being the top markets. To procure the rough diamond, we join hands with Russia, Belgium and Botswana turning those rough stones into the dazzling polished diamond that reaches you.

We, at Shivam, believe in blending modern techniques with our traditional values to transform stones into diamonds. You will immediately sense a touch of classic morals with contemporary methods giving an edge to our diamonds when associating with them.

We refine diamonds of different shapes and colors from 0.18 carat to over 10 carats. With our standardized regulations, Strict quality control and advanced technology, Shivam Jewels is proud to stand out in the diamond industry and is elated to bring the best of the lot to our customers.

Why Shivam?

Our wide range of products and unmatched prices gives you the perfect blend of quality and quantity. Our dedication towards client satisfaction has resulted in brand loyalty and helped us come up with a comprehensive in-house grading system which encompasses every minute detail of the diamond showcasing not only the location, size, type and the colour of the inclusions present, but also giving details about any defects or open inclusions left on the diamond surface during its manufacturing process.

This helps us maintain absolute transparency in the process which has transformed our new customers into recurring clients for the past 25 years therefore building long-term business relationships.

We believe our diamonds are a display of our morals therefore we showcase maximum transparency in all our processes which reflects in our competitive prices. This not only helps them form a bond with us but also expands our reach to a greater audience.



Our dedicated team of craftsmen are skilled in using highly complex technologies and have an eye for creativity and innovation helping them make a clear judgement of balance between your needs and the ideal looks required to create your masterpiece.

We strive for execllence by procuring masterpieces from the raw stones by processing it through the extensive procedures of cutting, polishing and grading therefore making sure every piece we create fits our high standards. Our team comprising of over a thousand Shivam Family members, understands the importance of our culture thus inculcating methods in such a way that they are considerate to our core values.

Highest standards have been maintained through regular checks and stringent controls that make the manufacturing and delivery process effective. We are passionate about delivering highly sophisticated products therefore we do not compromise on any part of the process. Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself!

Digital transformation

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Digital transformation over the past few years has paved the way for new possibilities, especially in the diamond industry. For us at Shivam, we are able to deliver the same level of transparency for any customer buying from our app or website.

In our industry it is difficult to always be updated with the latest inventory additions, but our users need not worry about the same as our Shivam Jewels App notifies you regarding our new arrivals so that you save your precious time finding your perfect fit. Our advanced machine learning and A.I learns from your search filters and recommends you products which are most suitable to your needs. On consistent purchases our online users could also avail a special discount helping them increase their profit margins.

Solving a plethora of such diamond sourcing problems such as finding the perfect pair of diamonds, holding the inventory before purchase, and many more features the Shivam Jewels App aims at simplifying your diamond buying experience.



Our Manufacturing Unit - Surat

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Shivam jewels was started by Mr. Ghanshyam Shankar in 1995. Since then the business has stood the test of time over the years through thick and thin due to his knowledge and experience of the diamond industry.

Over the years by revamping our business strategy, making our processes efficient and transforming our product range under the supervision of Mr. Nikunj & Ashwin Shankar, the next generation of the family has made sure that the business accomplishes new heights of success.

The new Shivam factory is the testimony of that hardwork, experience and consistency of our team and the management.



"Keeping the spirit of quality, integrity and transparency glowing since 1995"

My journey into the diamond business began in 1984. As I learned the nitty gritty of the diamond business, I realized that ethics formed the strong pillar for success in this business.

Thus, the foundation stone of Shivam was laid on strong ethics in 1995.

It was a humble beginning from where we took each step towards learning and growing to be at the stage where we are today, having a state of the art diamond manufacturing facility with skilled workforce adept in diamond processing.

Our growth and success is attributed to the policies, people and technology. Our penchant for delivering value to our clients has led us to develop an inhouse grading system based on fixed set of attributes to understand the true worth of diamonds. Whether it's an expert visiting us or someone new in the diamond business, he is rest assured of a fair, transparent deal with us.

Experienced craftsmen with advanced technology and our sound leadershipteam has been our strength that has helped us move forward and brought Shivam Jewels to new heights.

At last, I am truly honored for the trust placed on us by our suppliers and our clients, We at Shivam Jewels promise to deliver excellence always!

Ghanshyam M. Shankar

(Founder & Chairman)

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